Oliver Winery

Oliver WineryVisit Indiana’s oldest and largest winery, Oliver Winery. Open daily, year round, for complimentary wine tasting. Sample over 18 varieties of premium wine from Cabernet Sauvignon to Blackberry. The timber frame tasting room sits on 15 beautifully landscaped acres. Enjoy a complimentary weekend tour, then have a picnic by the pond. A wide variety of wine related gifts and gourmet foods are available to complete your winery experience.


Our goal is to make approachable and delicious wines that capture the flavor of high quality fruit. It all starts with fantastic flavor in wine grapes and fruit. Our own vineyard practices and the relationships with our growers play a critical role in our efforts to make great wine.

We believe that winemaking is a fundamentally simple and natural process. Winemaking is about capturing flavors. The best way to do that is to make wine in the gentlest way possible.

Over the years, as winemaking technology has evolved to be gentler on wine, we have invested in equipment that helps us get the most flavor out of the very best fruit. We are proud to have the most modernly equipped winery in the eastern United States.

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